Most users use their iPad or iPhone when they are not at their desk or at home. This comes at a security risk. Connecting to airport or coffee shop wifi often means unencrypted connections. VPN providers help fix that. Here are three that work well on iOS.

It is a well-known secret that connecting to public Wifi is a huge security risk. Every connection your device makes via a HTTP other users in the same network can read. Connections via HTTPS (green highlighting in the address bar) is fine though. To improve security you should use a VPN provider. But if you are new to the game, you might be lost by the numerous offers in the AppStore. We provide an overview and give you a recommendation on which providers to use.

VPN providers in iOS

A year ago with iOS 9 Apple introduced new APIs for apps so they could offer VPN access at system level. This means you can install an app and it will install a profile that lets you connect to their servers via the System Settings. All device traffic is then tunneled through their servers.

1. F-Secure Freedome VPN

The first in the list is F-Secure Freedome VPN. F-Secure is a well know manufacturer of security software and has a great stance in the industry. The app itself is free but the service starts at 5,99€ a month after a 5 days long trial. If you are required to use a VPN to get your work done in public places paying means more security, more engineers that work on it and a better connection.

2. Opera Free VPN

The next one in the list is Opera VPN from the makers of the Opera web browser. As the name suggests it is completely free to use and has no In-App Purchases. The main goal of the application is to block ads and trackers but it also helps to encrypt your connection. I would not use it to do security sensitive things but it is good for casual browsing.

3. Tunnelbear

I am a big fan of Tunnelbear since I discovered it a year ago. The service exists for some time now and is well trusted in the community. They provide their own servers in twenty countries around the world. Setup is easy and you get 500MB a month for free. Plans start at 7.99€ a month for unlimited data. The application itself is very nicely done and you see exactly what is happening in the interface. The bears help a lot, too.


I picked these three VPN providers as they offer a bit of everything. F-Secure is very good for security intensive work, Opera is free and good enough for private use and casual browsing and Tunnelbear is a jack of all trades and my recommendation to you. You can start with the free plan to try it out.