• Living mobile-only for a week. My Barcelona experiment.

    A week ago I was looking for an escape from the autumn weather in my home town Hamburg, Germany. I scrolled through Skyscanner and found a cheap flight to Barcelona. Ok, I thought, let’s go.

  • New Workflow Update with Web API Feature

    Workflow is one of my most loved apps on my iPad and iPhone. A thing I was missing was being able to interact with Web APIs and this is now resolved in the new update. Let us dive in and see what’s possible.

  • 3 VPN Providers that work well with iOS

    Most users use their iPad or iPhone when they are not at their desk or at home. This comes at a security risk. Connecting to airport or coffee shop wifi often means unencrypted connections. VPN providers help fix that. Here are three that work well on iOS.

  • How we write this blog solely on iOS

    Seven articles into this blog journey I think it is time to talk about our setup. Most of you might not realize that everything on this blog was done on iOS devices, yes also on iPhone.

  • Introduction to Share and Action Extensions

    Share and action extensions are invaluable when working on iOS and you may not even know that you have used them. We will go over the basic concepts of extensions and highlight a few great ones in this article.

  • iOS has no file system? Introduction to Document Providers

    Many people believe iOS has no file system like a Mac or PC. But as always it is just different than what you are used to. Join me on a small journey into the files and folders of iOS. After that you will be delighted how great iOS is at handling files.

  • How to extract ZIP or RAR archives on your iOS device for free

    The internet is full of technology that saves device storage space and bandwidth to get files to your device faster. But iOS lacks a built-in way to extract ZIP or RAR files leaving you staring at an archive instead of enjoying the latest home movie of a friend. But we got you covered, 100% for free, without ads and iPad Pro optimized.

  • 5 useful things you wouldn't think Siri can do for you

    Siri is your personal assistant in your pocket. Personally, I had a love-hate relationship with it until I discovered what it could do for me. Siri is super capable, speaks over 20 languages and is always there for you with a simple “Hey Siri”.

  • How to convert videos right on your iOS device

    Videos really take advantage of the brilliant screen built into todays iOS devices. Too bad they only support playing MP4 files. Learn how to convert videos right on your device.

  • 7 Workflows we cannot live without

    Workflow is an iOS app, which was released in November 2014. We think it still has undiscovered potential outside of the tech community. To give you a starting point we curated our seven favorite workflows.